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Investment & Recreational Insurance

Here we will give an overview of what specialty insurance is and what lines you carry. In the sections below we will touch on your main personal lines.

Collectible and Antique Cars

Your classic isn’t just a car. That’s why your classic car insurance policy isn’t just a standard car insurance policy. Instead, it’s a much different policy that’s built just for your classic and includes more specialized coverages. And your classic or collector car insurance policy actually costs about 40% less than a standard auto policy.

Get a quote through AR Bucci Insurance Agency, and you’ll get a classic car insurance company you can trust. They’re the world’s leading classic auto insurance provider, offering insurance for classic, collector, vintage and antique cars and trucks.

Basically if you’re looking for insurance for an older car, or even a fun car, there’s a good chance that AR Bucci can cover you. Plus, you’ll enjoy more coverages that protect your ride and the way you want to cruise. Just get a classic car insurance quote today to get started.

We also offer on-location appraisal service for our clients.

Fine Arts, Coins, Stamps, and More

Given the mobile nature of fine art and museum collections, many exposures can come into play.  Art being shipped could have poor crating or packaging, leaving it open to damage in transit.  A piece could be left unattended and vulnerable to theft.  A collection hanging in a museum may be exposed to damage from a visitor or a bursting pipe.

AR Bucci understands the passion that people who manage collections have for their objects. We offer unparalleled coverage and services for our fine art customers.  Whether it is a cultural institution, a large corporate collection, or the dealers and galleries who represent this industry, we have you covered.

Boats and Recreational Equipment

AR Bucci Insurance Agency is a leading provider of insurance for the outdoor sports, leisure, and recreation industries. We provide coverages for many different outdoor businesses, including outfitters & guides, rope courses, ATV tours, snowmobile tours, bicycle tours as well as amateur sports & special events. AR Bucci’s policies can be tailored to fit the individual needs of each business and can respond to the unique exposures of the sports, leisure and recreation industries.


AR Bucci’s comprehensive insurance policies cover a wide variety of classes of business with low minimum premiums. Our Outdoor & Recreation policies provide coverages a business needs to safeguard their finances. Please click Online Application for an Outdoor & Recreation Insurance quote from AR Bucci.

Jewelry Insurance

Whether it’s your engagement ring or a necklace passed down from your grandmother, we know your precious jewelry is often tied to memories of a special time and place in your life. With our comprehensive, flexible coverage and seamless service, we can help protect the very special things you’ve acquired over the years.

Here are some of the many coverage highlights available from a AR Bucci Valuable Articles policy:

  • Worldwide Coverage with No Deductible: We offer worldwide, “all-risk” coverage for most causes of loss – all with no deductible.


  • Newly Acquired Item Coverage: If you already have itemized jewelry or fine art on your policy and you add a new item to your collection, we’ve got you covered. We provide automatic coverage for newly acquired similar items for 90 days (up to $50,000 for jewelry and up to 25 percent of the policy limit for fine art).


  • Inflation Protection: In certain cases, we’ll pay up to 150 percent of the amount itemized on your policy to account for inflation.


  • Liberal Appraisal Requirement: We make it easy. We don’t require appraisals for individual jewelry pieces valued at less than $100,000 and fine art items valued at less than $250,000. All we need is a good description, picture, and estimated value.
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